Jirachi V (Collectible Box) (European Exclusive)

Jirachi V (Collectible Box) (European Exclusive)

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The product released in France last August without official fanfare. The English version also released in the UK and some European countries shortly after. We expected a release to follow in the United States, but this has yet to occur.

Furthermore, there are no distributors who list the product in their catalogs over the next few months. Unless the box becomes a store-exclusive item, it doesn’t appear it will be coming to the States through a mass release anytime soon.

The only exception would be if the box became a store-exclusive product, such as at Walmart or Target. Such items are not announced by distributors, so we don’t hear about them until they’re on shelves. However, the holidays are over.

The Jirachi V Box is an intriguing product. Its Jirachi V card was originally cut from 2022’s Astral Radiance. It was then turned into a Sword & Shield promo. Strangely, the card was revealed and released long after the SWSH era was over.

Without the release of this card in the States, many collectors will have a gap in their SWSH promo pages. Jirachi V is #299 out of 307. Currently, Americans have to turn to online sources to purchase the card.

-Packs can either be shipped sealed or opened live on stream.

-If you want it sealed please reach out letting me know.

-If opened live, please let me know in advance if you would like the bulk. All bulk can be shipped if requested. If not, bulk will be kept and only the hits will be shipped. Please be aware of additional shipping fees that may apply if bulk is requested.

-Please let me know in advance if you would like the code cards. Otherwise, they will be kept by Trucha0903

-Remember to purchase the shipping option once you are ready to have your bag shipped. Everything will be shipped once the shipping option is purchased under your account. All cards will be held until then.

-Please, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly on here.

-Thank You for your business and help in growing the channel! Lots of love ❤️ !!!